Visiting the Herbarium

Research Ethics

How to physically access our Herbarium Collection for research purposes






Research Visitor Policy

Destructive Sampling Policy | How to cite our specimens

We welcome visits from artists and other researchers wishing explore our Collection. 

• All visitors should submit a Herbarium Vistor request form online prior to your visit. Alternatively, you
may contact NHR staff via email at

• Because of the fragile nature of the specimens and their historical importance, visitors are required to handle the specimens with extreme care. If you do not have prior experience in handling herbarium specimens, you will be given a short handling introduction.

• All visitors who stay for more than one day must receive approval which will be sent out prior to your visit.

• Any specimens studied need to be annotated using archival quality Determination / Fide slips, pens and glue. These can be supplied by Herbarium staff where necessary.

• Please inform us before your visit if you wish to consider the specimens for sampling for DNA analysis. Please review our Destructive Sampling policy.

• If you wish to study your own material, any incoming specimens will be frozen on the premises for at least five days before being allowed into the Herbarium. Please allow time for this process.

• Specimens may be photographed for non-commercial use. Any published photographs must bear the statement ‘Published with kind permission of the National Herbarium of Rwanda.

• Visitors should familiarize themselves with how to cite specimens.

• A hard copy or pdf of any publication should be sent to the Herbarium when available.receive